Most Popular Pakistani Celebrities on Instagram

In a mood for some serious “Celeb-stalking”? Already poked around their FB and Twitter profiles? Well then head to Instagram and get your hands on some silly selfies or sweet family photos of your favorite celebrities. While the app has become the world’s hottest photo-sharing platform, the “Insta-craze” has not even spared our Pakistani superstars who apparently love clicking and posting their favorite moments on Instagram as much as we do.
Atif Aslam

Insta-Handle: atifaslam

No. of Followers: 534k

What you’ll see: Other than his gorgeous wife’s photos, his account is kind of a portable travel log letting some performance pictures, some random photography and witty captions captivating his followers.

Mehreen Syed

Insta-Handle: imehreensyed

No. of Followers: 458k

What you’ll see: It’s all about  glamour and what’s happening in the fashion industry where she posts pictures of her upcoming projects.

Ali Zafar

Insta-Handle: ali_zafar

No. of Followers: 286k

What you’ll see: He is the only male star in the list that just can not get enough of posing and taking selfies. And oh- you will also spot him in quite of shirtless pictures.


Mehwish Hayat

Insta- Handle: mehwishhayatofficial

No. of Followers: 278k

What you’ll see: A lot of crazy selfies, duck-faces, dance routines, modeling moments and the most awkward of all-Hayat watering herself with a Muslim Shower



Humaima Malik

Insta-Handle: Humaimamalick

No. of Followers: 204k

What you’ll see: The Instagram account of the highest paid Pakistani actress shows no signs of her slowing down. There are plenty behind-the-scene glimpses on her feed of her upcoming Bollywood movie and not to forget her recent snap with the heartthrob Arjun Kapoor.


Ayesha Omar

Insta-Handle: ayesha.m.omar

No. of Followers: 132k

What you’ll see: Your very own fashionista keeps us entertained by posting pictures from her upcoming movie promotion

Azfar Rehman

Insta-Handle: azfu

No. of Followers: 108k

What you’ll see: An avid user, Azfar’s feed is full of candid shots and selfies with her lady colleagues goofing around some shoot of a drama, award night or a star-studded party.


Mahira Khan

Insta-Handle: mahirahkhan

No. of Followers: 96.1k

What you’ll see: Our very own heartthrob has too many movies lined up from Bollywood to Pakistani movies and she lets us in on her life.

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