Most Common Foods That Cause Indigestion

Stomach ache accompanies with itself diarrhea and many other health complications. It is mandatory for you to know the causes of indigestion. This is due to the reason that you cannot enjoy your food freely and smoothly till you know the reasons behind their improper digestion in the stomach. It would not be wrong to say that some of the foods certainly cause indigestion. You have to be careful about knowing their names. Here are discussed the most common foods that cause indigestion.

Milk – most common foods that cause indigestion

Milk is one of the most common foods that cause indigestion. It is usually a part of our daily diets. Do you also consume milk? Well, everyone of us do. Those who have little problem in their stomach should avoid drinking milk. You should try to avoid having milk in excess. Make sure that you take only one or maximum two glasses of milk in a day. Other than milk, you have to avoid dairy products that cause indigestion. If you have lactose intolerant, then these things are must to avoid.

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Most Common Foods


Hot peppers and salt

Avoid hot peppers and salt. These are among the most common foods that cause indigestion. Make your food little light and don’t ruin its nutrients by adding so many peppers and spices. Don’t eat spicy foods, and give preference to what is light and with little spices added. This is due to the reason that such foods can cause indigestion and many other problems of the stomach and digestive system.

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Most Common Foods

Sugar Substitutes

There are various sugar substitutes. These are usually used by the people with diabetes I, and diabetes II. Sorbitol and mannitol are sugar substitutes which are known to cause severe type of indigestion. These can lead you to suffer from multiple problems, this is why should be avoided.

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