Monarca Eid collection 2011

The monarca collections By rashid Textiles for women very much respond to the prevailing demand for well being, quality of life, free time or ecological style. The products in these lines, designed without a glance at the current trends, seek to be special clothes. they offer high added value as they are produced in parts, each with its own design, colour and fabric, and then assembled in different combinations. Monarca does not use material in the conventional way, indeed patchworks of off-cuts of different kinds of material is one of the firm’s signs of identity. The spirit is young and happy-go-lucky, improvised and spontaneous, but with a perceptible dose of style and fashion. Have a look on bellow Monarca Eid Collection.

Monarca eid collection 2011

Monarca eid collection by rashid textiles

Monarca eid collection dresses


Monarca eid collection for girls


Monarca collection blue

Monarca eid collection purple

Monarca eid collection red

Monarca eid collection pink

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