Momina Teli Latest Collection 2012 For Sunday Times

Momina Teli is a very talented fashion designer has emerged on the screen of fashion in year 2010 and has worked with different textiles mills.Now she is going to launched her own fashion label by the name of Momina Teli.Recently, Momina Teli has presented her latest collection of western wear outfits 2012 for women in Sunday Times.Momina Teli latest collection 2012 has launched for young and modern women.

Momina Teli latest collection 2012 is an another mid summer collection which has consists of total western wear outfits.Momina Teli has embellished this beautiful collection with printed and embroidered fabrics and laces.The stitching styles are awesome and perfect for parties and friends get together.These western dresses 2012 by Momina Teli has consists of short and long tops with trousers, tights and skirts.The feature model of this beautiful collection is gorgeous Amina Ilyas and she has done a perfect job to make this collection more beautiful.

Just wait a bit here and have a look at this collection by Momina Teli for women 2012..

Momina Teli Latest Collection 2012 For Women.

Momina Teli Dresses 2012.

Complete Collection.


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