Momal Sheikh Should Be Ashamed For Working In “Happy Bhag Jaegi” & Here’s The Reason!

Momal Sheikh has recently played a role in her debut Bollywood film “Happy Bhag Jaegi“. However, the film was banned in Pakistan by the Censor Board of Film Certification.

Happy Bhag Jayegi Movie Banned In Pakistan

Like every Indian film, Happy Bhag Jayegi also included dialogues and scenes that insulted Pakistan.

First of all, read about the scenes that insulted Pakistan:


  • Shots of slapping Pakistani policemen
  • The dialogue in front of Quaide-Azam’s portrait , “ Or Kitnay Jhoot Bulwaogay”
  • The shot of Pakistani policemen saluting the photo of Gandhi on Indian currency note
  • Drinking scenes of Pakistani girls

Here are some dialogues of the film that were against Pakistan and its people:

  1. Kaash Gandhi Pakistan Mae Hote
  2. Tension Pakistan Ko Honi Chahiye
  3. Bewaqufon Ki Basti
  4. Kia Dais Hai , Jab Koi Baat Hee Nahin Karta, Bandoqq Dikhaye Baghair
  5. India Ka Namak, Poora Pakistan Khaata Hai

Momal Sheikh should be ashamed for working in a film that includes many dialogues and scenes against Pakistan. We have never seen any Bollywood actor working in anti-Indian film, but we don’t know why some Pakistani actors are ready to downgrade their homeland for the sake of money only!

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