Model Natasha Hussain Pictures and Profile

Talking about the top models and actresses of Pakistani industry, a name that always come to our mind is Natasha Hussain. She is considered to be among the leading actresses and models of Pakistani Fashion and Television industry. Because of her innate and inborn talent for acting she quickly became the lame light and captured attention of many well known producers, designers and directors. Her inherent talent for acting and modeling is not the only factor behind her success in-fact her sense of responsibility where her work is concerned also plays a very vital role in her popularity and success. It is because of her hard-work and passion for acting that she has become center of attention not only for well known designers producers and directors but also for general audience. Her fan following is not limited to Pakistan only, in fact she has fans all over the world, UK, America, Canada, you name a country and here fans will be present there !!

Model Natasha Hussain Pictures and Profile

Personal Life of Natasha Hussain

Natasha Hussain’s nickname is Natty.Natasha is considered to be a die heart romantic. She favors love stories and epic romances such as The Far Pavilions, The Thorn Birds, 79 Park Avenue and If Tomorrow Comes. Regretting the fact that she doesn’t get around to do much reading these days, as is the case with everyone else today, Natty says

I have been an avid reader since childhood. And I am Enid Blyton fan and have large collection of Blyton books like the Famous Five, Secret Seven series and others are in a bookshelf in which is present in my father’s house.

She further added

“I would save my pocket money to buy the books of Enid Blyton and would not stop until I had bought all that were available. My daughter has started reading them. Whenever she goes to my father’s place, she brings back a few to read. It feels nice to see her enjoying what I used to enjoy once.”

During an interview, when she was questioned on her preference of happy ending books she said

“Basically I am a happy person so I like light stuff, the ‘feel good’ kind of books are the ones that I like to pick up rather than those where the serious social and brooding issues of our world are discussed. I have loved basically all of Danielle Steel’s novels, specially The Ring, The Promise and Zoya.”

During an interview she was asked about her favorite movie and actor she said

“I am  a big Shah Rukh fan, and I doesn’t miss any of his movies regardless how bad they are !! Rest i enjoy light, romantic and happy ending movies.Also Harrison Ford and Michael Douglas are my favorite and i thinks Sharon Stone is one of the classiest actress of Hollywood.”


Natasha Hussain is  married and live happily with her husband and daughter.

Professional Life of Natasha Hussain

Natasha  has a renowned name in the fields of modeling and acting . In acting, she has come into view in commercials, dramas acting and music videos. This gorgeous Pakistani Female Fashion model has also earned her name in hosting magazine and other television shows. She did fashion shoots for so many national & international magazines. She performed on different ramps for the top class designers. She is one of the best models Pakistani Industry can ever have.


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