Model Mariyah Moten

Pakistani talent is not limited only to Pakistani fashion, and television industry. In fact Pakistani makes their name regardless of the place they are living in. Their inborn talent give them the edge and their beauty give them the chance to make a difference. There are many Pakistani’s who residing in different countries but yet they have made their place in those particular countries. Nadi Ali is among those Pakistani who have spent their life aboard, and made their mark their but yet where ever they go they represent and introduces themselves as Pakistani. Another major example is Mariyah Moten. She is a very famous model and has represented Pakistan in different pageants and countries. And this article will give you an insight about personal and professional life of Mariyah Moten. The ups and downs she had to face, the hurdles she had to over come to reach and become what she is Now. !!Model Mariyah Moten

Personal Life of Mariyah Moten

Mariyah Moten whose full name is Mariyah Ashraf Moten was born on 18 January 1984. She was born in Karachi Sindh, Pakistan. She was born into a Muslim Family. Mariyah moved to United States Of America at the age of 5, after she got the nationality. She is presently living in USA with her family. Mariyah did her primary and secondary education from USA. She attained a bachelors degree in Hotel Management from a well know university, University of Houston. This beautiful Pakistani female model has a very calm and settle personality. Beside being calm she has a stubborn steak in her. When asked during an interview What one 2 WORDs would define you? She said

Fair and Stubborn

She further added

Stubborn because if i am right then there simply is nothing which will make me change my course. I will remain and stay where i am. But only if i am right.

Professional Life Of Mariyah Moten

Mariyah Moten started her career with Miss Pakistan National Competition, where she took the 5th position. She then was givent the chance to represent Pakistan in Miss Tourism Queen International pageant in 2006. This decision of the government did turn out be a good one, because Mariyah Moten there also made her place. She won the Miss Charity Title among 87 other contestants. Later that year she competed in the Miss Bikini of the Universe pageant which was held in Beihai, China. Which was and is considered to be a wrong decision by not only the Pakistani Government but also by the general public. But even the outrage among the Muslim community did not deter Mariyah from her purpose. I believe her stubbornness came handy there.All the cautions did more good to Mariyah then the bad it was suppose to do. Due to this controversy, Mariyah Moten won the Best In Media/Miss Press title for being the most photographed and interviewed contestant in the entire pageant.


A year later in 2007 Mariyah Moten participated in another pageant, Miss Asia International 2007 where she won 2nd Runner up. In September 2009, Mariyah represented Pakistan in the Miss Intercontinental which took place in Minsk, Belarus.


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