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Pakistani Model and Actress Zara Sheikh was born in Lahore, Pakistan on 7th May 1978. Zara Sheikh is a famous Pakistani Model, Actress, and a Singer. Her first attempt towards a successful career started through an ad campaign for one the famous cellular service providers; MOBILINK, in which her first appearance was there all across the billboards in Pakistan. Zara Sheikh also appeared in Urooj Nasir’s TV program as a special guest for an episode on May 2009 on ATV channel.

Zara Sheikh is extremely beautiful and has that “innocence” factor on her face. Her talent was noticed and encouraged initially by Khawar Riaz , when Zara Sheikh appeared in several fashion magazine photo shoots, especially for teen and fashion magazines.

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Zara Sheikh sang 3 songs for her movie, Chalo Ishq Larain with a well known singer Ali Haider.


Zara Sheikh was opt as a model by many of the famous fashion designers including Ayesha Versay, Sobia Nazir, Deepak Perwani, Nomi Ansari, Umer Syed, and Rizwan Baig . Moreover, ZARA SHEIKH has also worked for huge brands like those of HSY, Nickie Nina, Sobia Nazir, Crossroads, Levi’s, Bonanza, Lajwanti, Nishat Linen, Gul Ahmed, Nee Punhaal, Rijas, SKIMYZ, Erum Imran etc.


Zara Sheikh appeared in a number of well known brands be it a cellular service provider like Mobilink or a Cosmetics provider like Care Cosmetics. Few other ads in which she was on aired were Habib Cooking oil, Care Vanishing Cream, 7-up, Beri-O, Rite Biscuits, Dawn Bread, Eden Luxury Villas, Rose Petal Tissues, Dabur Amla Hair Oil, Bonanza, Haleeb Milk, Salina Wardah’s Fabric Concept, Al- Khair Polymers and Molty Foam


Zara Sheikh’s first cinema debut took place in 2001 in which she played the lead role as an Indian Sikh who falls in love with a Pakistani Banker. The film’s title was Tere Pyaar Mein by Hassan Askari. For this film, she received much applause and appreciation. The award which Zara Sheikh received as the Best Actress for this film is one of the proofs of her bright and God gifted talent

Zara Sheikh also appeared in a music video named O sanam which means Oh love! And in 2002; Sajjad Gul’s Chalo Ishq Laraye

In 2003, Zara Sheikh played a role of a Hindu girl who converts Islaam in a film called Laaj

In 2004, she worked for a film called Salakhain, directed by Shahzad Rafique. This film was a hit and it was screened at the KaraFilm Festival in Karachi.

In 2006, she played a role of a girl who is in love. The film’s name was Pehla Pehla Pyaar by Mubasher Lucman. This film was shooted in Thailand, the beautiful and exotic country. According to Zara Sheikh’s opinion about this film and its director;

“It’s not easy to work with Mubasher. He’s motivated by his film a lot and does not believe in any compromises.”

Zara Sheikh further said that she had to work very hard for this film but it was all worth it when compared to the success gained by the film.

In 2008, she also played a role in Javed Raza’s Film Kabhi Pyaar Na Karna.

Summing up the total films in which she worked are;

  • Year 2000, Tere Pyar Mein
  • 2002, Chalo Ishq Larain
  • 2003, Laaj
  • 2003, Commando
  • 2003, Yeh Waada Raha
  • 2004, Salakhain
  • 2005, Tere Bin Jiya na Jaye
  • 2006, Pehla Pehla Pyaar
  • 2008, Kabhi Pyar Na Karna
  • Honor Killings

Music Videos in which Zara Sheikh worked are as follows:

  • O Sanam  by Yasir Akhter
  • Ghar Aya Mera  by Tulsi
  • Khamaj by Fuzon
  • Punjabi Touch by abrar ul haq
  • Hum Ek Hain by Shahzad Roy
  • Atom Bomb by Fakhir
  • “Tu Hi Meri Aas” by Usman Malik

Zara Sheikh is an extremely brilliant and hardworking female model of Pakistan. That is the reason why still people remember her name and admire her.




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