Men’s Kurta styles for eid ul fitr 2011  provides information and collection of each type of fashion for every person from different walks of life. As different collection for ladies is arriving in fashion industry for the special event of eid-ul-fitr, on the same hand different stylish variety for men’s wear also arrived in the market. Men wears normally kurtas on eid day, as it looks simple, cool and decent. It also look traditional and religious. Modification in styles of kurtas also came with the change in time and fashion. Different styles of patis, ribbons on bans and sleeves are in fashion. Short length kutras with embroided necks and buttons are very in.

embroided necks 001

patti style kurta 002


back embroided kurta 003


simple kurtas for eid 004

pletes on front of kurta 005

fancy embroided krta 006

lining style kurta 007

printed kurtas for eid 008

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