Memes About Samina Peerzada is Taking The Internet to Storm

Samina Peerzada has had quite the illustrious career. From hit dramas and performances that left us all in tears, she’s done it all. Samina truly stands apart as a legend in the Pakistani Entertainment Industry.

A couple of years back, she started a show on Youtube called ‘Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada’, where she would sit down with celebrities and talk with them.  Recently, the show has picked up because of how comfortable people get with Samina. They answer all her questions and genuinely speak their heart out.

Apart from the show itself getting popular, one question of Samina Peerzada’s got particularly famous. While talking to celebrities about their childhood she would excitedly ask them ‘Kabhi Darakht Charhay’. Samina Peerzada, during her interviews, is super excited and always seems super genuine with her questions, which is why her show has the impact it does.


All that apart, ‘Kabhi Darakht Charhay’, took a life of its own and has, in the past few days, become a super viral meme online. Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen so far. Samina really wants to know about your life experiences.

Samina Peerzada definitely knows how to get celebrities to open up about their lives and about their experiences. Her questions aren’t really questions, they’re part of a conversation and if you watch the show for the first time, you might be taken aback. That being said, her interview style is unique to herself and is an expression of her actual personality. Yes, the internet may be making memes about her, but it is most definitely coming from a place of love and respect.

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