Mehwish Hayat Opens up About Not Doing Any Pakistani Dramas Recently

Mehwish Hayat’s vocation has truly taken off in the course of recent years. It as of late all finished with her accepting the ‘Tamgha E Imtiaz’. Obviously, this is just begin for Mehwish; the entertainer has another film turning out this Eid, ‘Challawa’.

In an ongoing meeting, she discussed her vocation and her acting.  While discussing ‘Challawa’ she was additionally gotten some information about her days as a TV entertainer and whether she could ever consider returning. She discusses her show ‘Dil Lagi’ and how it was a defining moment in her profession at the time. At the point when gotten some information about her arrival to TV, Mehwish said that she missed the stage and dealing with shows all in all. She conceded that she’s looking out for a decent content and for a character that isn’t only a cushion character.

She discusses feeling a specific duty towards her fans and towards her work, particularly in the wake of being perceived on a national dimension. She feels that she should be faithful to the kind of characters she picks, just as being faithful to the depiction of characters that she picks.

In her meeting, she did likewise give it a chance to slide that she plans to be back in Pakistani Dramas at some point this year and we are elated to hear that. Her exhibition in ‘Dil Lagi’ was genuine essential and left an effect on individuals who watched the show. It is astounding to see her reproduce a portion of that enchantment again on our TV screens.


Mehwish additionally spoke authentically about her film and her association with the cast.  She makes reference to how she’s functioned with Wajahat Rauf and Azfar Rehman previously and how she’s built up a decent association with them. Mehwish discusses how this film is a venture near her heart, and how she truly delighted in making the film with her companions.

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