Mehwish Hayat found her ‘Soulmate’?

In one of the recent tweets, Mehwish Hayat praised model and actor Azfar Rehman were seen together. This is giving an impact that the famous Pakistani actress has found her soulmate. She has called him her best friend and a good companion.

Mehwish Hayat with Azfar Rehman

Before you take the wrong sign from their pictures, let me tell you that the actress Mehwish Hayat is nothing more than a friend of Azfar. The two share sorrows and happiness together, but this doesn’t mean they are cheating on their love ones. Mehwish Hayat told in her interview that a soulmate is the one with whom you can talk freely about all the things and can share your sorrows and worries openly. She also said that Azfar is the one, her best friend, so she proudly calls him her soulmate.

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Mehwish Hayat


It is good and important to remember that a soulmate is not necessarily to be your life partner. He/she can be your friend, your family member, sibling, your parent or anyone with whom you can share your secrets.

Check out the tweet for yourself

The stunning model and actress Mehwish Hayat has always been talked about for her bold and high profile lifestyle. She has been spotted with Azfar Rehman at public events and get together, which may give an impression that there is something wrong. But the truth is the two are just close friends and enjoying the close relationship, nothing else.

Mehwish Hayat is recognized as a skilled dancer and has performed at various Pakistani awards. Her recent comedy hit film Na Maloom Afraad also featured an item song Billi in which Mehwish gave superb performance as a dancer. She is not only a dancer, but also an incredible actress and fashion model. Mehwish Hayat is one of the prettiest and busy actresses of Pakistan. She is soon to be seen in Veet Super Model auditions. The Veet Miss Super Model contest will be held in Thailand, for which Mehwish is chosen as a model.

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