Mehwish Hayat, Fia Khan and Nadia Hussain Supported “Skin Flaws” and Encourage others to Embrace It

After Hania Amir overcame the universe of web based life to post about her battles with skin issues, individual entertainers and model have approached.  Posting on Twitter, entertainer Mehwish Hayat stated, “Flawsome is wonderful. Far from the studio lights, the cameras and the breathtaking cosmetics, We all fight with a similar skin issues and instabilities as some other young lady. We should grasp it – its called being a lady.”

Model Nadia Hussain likewise posted a return picture, where she composed that she was glad to see “big names grasp their real self in unedited pictures being pleased with being impeccable and marvelous.”  While Fia Khan presented verses on Alessia Cara tune ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ alongside an image of herself.


Recently Amir had taken to internet based life to post about her ‘excruciating battle’ with skin inflammation and how it prompted sentiments of weakness and uneasiness in her.

She said she generally had mellow skin inflammation yet amid one of her work treks to Chitral, her skin inflammation erupted terrible and it appeared on camera also. Sooner or later it deteriorated, she stated, adding that she went to a few dermatologists and had a go at everything to monitor it.

“Nothing appeared to fix my skin and I had my night and long periods of crying. Feeling uncertain. Tension. Cosmetics wouldn’t help. I was a wreck yet I experienced it and received in return as well,” Hania Amir stated, including that subsequent to attempting an alternate dermatologist her skin showed signs of improvement.

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