Meesha Shafi Finally Files Petition Against the Judge For Hearing her Defamation Case

Artist/lyricist Meesha Shafi recorded a request of “no certainty” on Saturday against the judge who is hearing her maligning case, documented by individual performer Ali Zafar. She has mentioned for an alternate judge to be doled out to her case, as she has blamed Additional Sessions Judge Shakeel Ahmed for prejudice.

As announced by Geo New, as per the documented request, Shafi’s lawful time has guaranteed that “the managing officer of the court who is directing the procedures of this case has appeared clear and evident inclination for the offended party which is obvious from the mode and way in which he has so far led the procedures.” It further said that “This predisposition of the judge was evident appropriate from the earliest starting point of the situation when he assumed control over the case.” The sessions judge Shakeel Ahmed has been hearing Zafar’s criticism guarantee for as long as a half year.


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The singer lawful group set forward their solicitation to be doled out another judge in the request, “In perspective on the few demonstrations of predisposition appeared by the got the hang of managing officer, the litigant has totally lost certainty on the directing officer of the case.” The appeal read, “If the case isn’t exchanged to some other court, the respondent will endure a hopeless misfortune and her motivation will be genuinely endangered.”

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