Meesha Shaafi Badly Troll Ali Zafar in Her Recent Instagram Post

Meesha Shafi is turning her sexual harassment case into the big controversy by giving statements again and again. Its been almost one year that Meesha and Ali Zafar brutal fight over the controversy is going on and the court is still not coming up with the final decision. Previously Ali Zafar made his appearance on the TV where he got emotional and later on he started making appearances on TV interviews with his wife where he started putting non ethical statements on the Meesha Shafi.

Meesha did not kept herself limited to the social media only as she also stepped ahead and bring about some amazing inside stories in the interview show couple of days back. Now she has took to her Instagram and has posted an interesting statement. Check this post:


So many of her followers and fans are pointing this statement for Ali Zafar on the basis of the acting he is showing by getting emotional on the TV interviews. Mentioning more, this actress has even boycott from the LSA awards 2019 where she has been nominated this time.

Well the court has to decide one final decision otherwise this fight will take some wrong turns!

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