Meera’s Marital Status Is Still Unclear

Meera’s Marital Status Is Still Unclear

Meera Jee is back in the news. Her 7-year-old case is once again making headlines. For those who don’t recall, she is up against Ateeq ur Rehman who alleges that she had married him in 2007. The case was registered in 2009. Meera’s Marital Status Is Still Unclear. As per Ateeq, Meera’s public denial of the marriage has hurt him. He demands that Meera should be medically examined (Virginity test) to prove her denial. The wish list continues, with demands such as putting her name in the famed ECL list, possession of the house Meera resides in, and stop her from marrying anyone else before divorcing him. Court dismissed the request of medical test from her alleged husband.

Meera so far has denied all claims. In 2010, she challenged the marriage certificate presented to court. She has accused Mr Rehman of being distributed and looking for cheap fame. According to her, he is a promoter who she met through a friend, and worked together on some concerts. She insists that it would be impossible for a celebrity of her level to get married in a room. Whereas, Mr Rehman’s lawyer (Ali Bokhari) claimed that Meera married his client in presence of her mother and uncle.

Meera’s case has provided some entertainment for public and content for the media. She isn’t shy to make these appearances interesting. Meera singing, my heart will go on outside the court room, is stuff you need to watch to believe.

But it also highlights how painstakingly slow are the court processes in Pakistan. She says that her mental health and work has been affected by this marriage row. Meera’s Marital Status Is Still Unclear. After 7 years, a local court has rejected Mr Rehman’s application barring Meera to marry somebody else. However, the trails continues as the court is yet to make a judgment of the marriage certificate presented by Mr Rehman. The court stressed that the decision will be announced before the end of the current year.

Meera’s Marital Status Is Still Unclear. Well, we hope that her troubles end soon, and justice is served whichever way. Meanwhile, she could sing a few more songs in the next hearing please.

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