Meera Purchases Camera Worth Rs. 1 Crore and Luxury Car From Hospital Funds!

Few years back, Pakistani actress Meera announced that she is going to make a hospital so that poor people can get their treatments at no cost. She asked every Pakistani to donate money so that the hospital can be constructed. The actress also visited America, where her boyfriend Captain Naveed, helped her in collecting millions of dollars fund for the hospital.

But now, the actress has secretly finished the plan to make the hospital, and she is using the hospital funds for her own needs and luxury lifestyle! After collecting a huge amount of donation, the actress is no longer interested in making a hospital. She is using the donated money on her own lifestyle.

Pakistani Actress Meera Hospital


As per sources, she has purchased a special camera for her production house which costs around Rs. 1 crore 35 Lakhs and besides a camera, the actress has also purchased a new luxury car.

Each and every person who donated funds to Meera for the hospital, is extremely angry. All the philanthropists (a person who gives money to charities) have asked FBR and law & order agencies to investigate the issue.

It is to be noted, that nowadays this “DrameBaaz” actress is in news due to a serious fight with her own mother. Read: Meera Throws Her Mother Out Of Her House

Source: UrduPoint

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