Mawra Hocane Speaks Up Giving A Shut-Up Call To The Critics

Finally, after the Wedding bells quit, The Hocane sisters are again in the Critics limelight. Mawra Hocane, the younger one updated about how the viewers and social media fans have hurt her feelings. Not only hers, but also her entire family. What actually happened after Urwa Hocane marriage?

Mawra Hocane posted this on her official account:

” DISCLAIMER: I’m pouring my heart into this post, read only if you are ALL for LOVE! ❤️

While I thank the millions of you who prayed for us, who wished well for us and still do, with a very heavy heart I want to convey my sadness & disappointment at that tiny fraction of people who are good for nothing except pointing fingers at others because it’s easy.
I usually don’t respond to negativity as it doesn’t affect me but this time around it’s about my family. While I’m overwhelmed that we are now three public figures in the same family, I want to say we are still human.
My sister injured her ankle on the day of her nikkah so much so she could not walk the next day but what do you know about her pain because all you saw was that BIG smile on her face as she greeted each and every fan & every member of the family. We won’t tell you and you won’t notice because, of course, being a hater gets you attention.
Sadly though it is these same critics who, when not invited to an event, complain about how the celebrities don’t give them the due importance. We tried to pull-of a one-day event with the wish to cater to everybody; the family, the fans and the media instead of the usual three-day weddings that take place in every nook and corner of the country yet you say we were insensitive to the masses and that it was a wrong precedent to set. I really have no idea what was so wrong & just so you know we didn’t spin a wand and got it all right. Despite our work schedules we have worked hard & so have all the teams involved to pull the wedding off for everybody because it is a huge celebration for me & my family & all families do everything for their loved ones. It was my only sister’s wedding for heaven’s sake!


Yes you’re right they’ve set a new precedent.
A precedent of embracing Love in public, a precedent of uplifting each other, a precedent to have patience & energy to celebrate with anyone & everyone & a precedent to not give a damn about what’s being written.
It’s not a film or a show where I would take criticism and consider it productive. We shared it with you to make you a part of our celebrations. If you have a problem with that, deal with it. Nobody knows the two of them how I know them. I’ve known their journey, their highs and their lows. I’ve seen them cater to millions of people through their work. And if they decided to share their happy memories with the fans who they consider to be like family, the people who make us what we are, then allow them to make this choice. I will not accept this over speculation on possibly their most memorable day.
We are full of gratitude for all the love & prayers we have received and there’s no way I will let anyone belittle the good wishes with their forceful criticism over petty/unnecessary matters.
Close your eyes and think for a moment what it is that you lack in your life that you find pleasure in pointing fingers at others. It’s probably a void due to the absence of love & compassion.
So here’s a bucket full of Love for you. Live and let live. We, as a family, wish well for you and hope you do too.
Love & only Love
Mawra – the sister to the bride you’re trying to shame for being happy on her own wedding day and sister-in-law to possibly the most caring and loving human being in the world x

Mawra Hocane angry

Well well, All we can say is, it’s better to share limited of your personal life to avoid such comments and statements.

Because Public tou Public hai!!


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