Mawra Hocane Shut Down Haters For Criticizing Her Aaliya Role in Aangan

Well over the television screens, one of the most talked about serials these days has been Angan. As at one side Sajal as Chammi and Ahad as Jameel has been grabbing the attention of the audience so much, then on other side Aaliya role played by Mawra Hocane is also making itself to be one of the leading ones in the whole serial. The character of Chammi was first offered to Mawra Hocane and ever since the time this news has created a buzz on social media, the fans have started comparing Chammi and Aaliya character with one another.

So many followers on social media has badly troll the Aalya character and emerged up with the fact that she cannot compare the passionate acting which Sajal has been putting in her role of Chammi.  Being troll by the haters so much, this is what Marwa Hocane has to say to them:


Every single character in the Aangan is different from one another. Each single character has its own importance and later on coming characters in the serial will have their own sum of value as well. Do you think Chammi is better than Aaliya?

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