Mawra Hocane Getting High Trolls for Showing Love for Ranbir Kapoor

After so long time, Mawra Hocane is back in the news and this time she is getting high sum trolls from the audience for showing her love for Ranbir Kapoor! India and Pakistan has been on tiff of war when it comes to the celebrity love and after banning their artists, the audience of Pakistan is not even showering their love and craziness for the Indian celebrities. But in all such celebrity we have Mawra Hocane who cannot stop herself!

Mawra and Ranbir has always become the part of main headlines as where Mawra Hocane has always shown out her madness love for this Bollywood actor. She has a big desire to work with him. This is what Mawra Hocane has to say about Ranbir Kapoor:


But we guess the fans of social media does not like the way she has been showing her love at one such time when the hatred between two nations is getting high. Some of the trolls even recommend her to show love for the legendary actors of the Lollywood showbiz and forget about working with such a big actor of Bollywood.  But it seems like trolling does not matter for Mawra at all.

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