Mawra Hocane Announces HocaneSisters New clothing brand Launch UXM

Well Hocane sisters know very well how to stay in the middle of the media headlines all the time no matter whether it is about their professional lifestyle or the personal zone. They have always grabbed the attention of the audience. And this time these two celebrity sisters are heading on to make their way into the fashion designing and they have announced the launch of their clothing brand named as UXM!

The opening of the brand announcement was made by the actress Mawra Hocane and she often shared her experience over the fashion style statements. This is what the actress has to say about her fashion sense:

Well at some point the words of Mawra are making some sense out because experiencing always makes you perfect when it comes to clothing. And we are really looking forward to have a view of their clothing brand and how they would initiate the fashion sense and merging them into their own creativity.


Urwa Hocane has stopped acting after getting married and she is making her hands work into the direction with the film Tich Button. Mawra is currently the part of drama Angan on HUM TV.

Are you excited for the opening of their new clothing line?

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