Mathira Living Happy Life with Baby Boy

I am sure you would like to know about Mathira and her personal life with the baby boy. Am I right? She is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous celebrities of Pakistan. She has been famous as a dominating female of the entertainment and fashion industries of the country.

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Wedding of Mathira

Mathira married and blessed with a baby boy with which she is now living a happy life. We all know that she is one of the leading singers, dancers, and television anchors of the country. She has been long famous for her beautiful skills of singing. Let me here also tell you that she has always been found of dance as well so she started dancing along with her songs during her professional life. She has been married for more than a year, and now has been blessed with a baby boy.


Mathira Happy in Her Life

Why would not she be happy in her life. Mathira has everything to get success. She has fame, a loving husband, a little cute boy. This is all enough for a lady to feel to be completed. Mathira told in an interview that she is fully satisfied with her life. She said that she loves her son a lot and wants to spend most of time with the little one.

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She is also excited to restart her profession but we cannot say for sure if she would continue singing and dancing or not. This is because she is now a wife and a responsible mother. Being mother requires a lady to be more conscious and responsible. So, I believe first of all Mathira should do something nice for the better future of her baby. The fans of Mathira must be waiting for her come back. Am I right? Are you one of her fans?

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