Mathira get Trolled Once Again for her latest new Scarf Look!

Well the only celebrity star of Pakistan media who knows how to stay in the media headlines is none other than Mathira! Mathira has been much in media headlines since the time she has been constantly sharing her divorce stories and has been going through the phase of depression! But now its time for Mathira to forget about being sympathize and get ready for being trolled by her followers!

Since the time Mathira has shared her story of divorce, so many followers of her started putting an assumption that this will bring a change in her personality and character for sure because now she is a mother as well. But nothing of such kind happened! Latest picture of Mathira is clear evidence of it! Mathira shared a picture in black dress with the head scarf that was looking bold and at the same time traditional. You would love the way she is wearing scarf but when you will catch the downside you would definitely start hating her.


So many followers have put a comment about why she needs to cover her head when her whole body is much revealing enough. She is wearing a dress that can simply give her body with the shape and she does not care about the scarf. So many followers even stated that she has been trying hard to be the Pakistan Kim Kardashian with her body shape but she is failing to do so. Head scarf is not just for fashion. You need to understand the actual meaning behind wearing the head scarf.


Well Mathira has gone through a tough time and there is no doubt about this fact. But being a mother now, she has to think the fact that what impression it would be leaving behind on the mind of the kid. She needs to bring some change in her personality and has to show the world that she is affected from her divorce life.

What is your opinion about Mathira new look?

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