Maryam Nawaz’s Designer Shoes Become the Talk of the Town

While a lot of political figures and influential families have been under the microscope for alleged corruption and money laundering, the Sharif family is probably one with the spotlight on them more often than not. Recently the ex-Prime Minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz is receiving a lot of heat.

46-year-old Maryam Nawaz is the daughter of Nawaz Sharif, the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan who was convicted by Pakistani courts over corruption 2 years ago. While he served as the Prime Minister for a total of 9 years in as many as three terms, his downfall started after the Panama Papers case.

After he left for UK for medical treatment last year, his daughter Maryam was usually seen in his stead as an advocate and spokesperson for the PML-N. She was tasked with rehabilitating the family image.

Recently, she attended the All Parties Conference, a grouping of opposition parties. While there was much brimstone and fury from many opposition leaders during that conference, Maryam Nawaz was in the news for entirely different reasons – her attire.

What shoes is Maryam Nawaz wearing?

Some eagle-eyed observers couldn’t help but notice her shoes.  The woman who publicly claimed her family doesn’t own the Avenfield Apartments outside of Pakistan, was seen wearing shoes worth almost Rs 2 lakhs.

Let’s take a look at her pictures from the conference first:

We did some digging and found out that she was wearing Manolo Blahnik shoes worth Rs. 164,082.71 to be exact. Take a look:

Maryam Nawaz’s Designer Shoes

Of course, some people loved those shoes, but many were not amused at the blatantly outrageous display of wealth.

In Pakistan, where the minimum wage rate for unskilled & juvenile (14 years to 17 years) workers is Rs. 13,000 per month, these designer shoes could take people more than 12 months to afford it.



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