Marital Rape Scene In ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’! Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf Shares Their Point of View

We as a whole have been continually cherishing the science and holding of Bholla and Noori in Ranjha Kardi and at present this dramatization is over the TRP evaluations too. Be that as it may, this show gives out a little disappointment to the group of onlookers as they unmistakably featured the rape assault scene in the dramatization!

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This scene has separated the internet based life gathering of people into two gatherings where a portion of the supporters are valuing it and some are coming up as the greatest frustration for the group of onlookers to show such scenes. This is one such show that is being watched by children also.

Discussing the scene, Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf opened themselves out of the blue to discuss it. Here what the two famous people need to state about:


Well we think that although such topics should be raised in today society but somehow when the show is being watched by the kids as well then definitely little attention and consciousness needs to be taken by the drama makers. Bholla is much famous among the kids group. Do you agree on this conclusion?

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