Mani Takes a Secret Dig at The Cast Of Baaji And we Wants to Know Whom he Is Talking About!

Baaji has been the talk of the town, due to its star-studded solid and its alternatively unique plot. Now that the movie has been released, many have praised the film and its actors. However, on the different hand, some celebrities, like Mani have taken the historical shade-via-Instagram route.

According to him, the first image of all the principal forged individuals consists of human beings with “talent and zero talent”. Although, he has left it upon us to decipher his message. He goes further on to say that three humans in that picture are “super talented” but their intelligence has long past to waste in this film. Seems like he didn’t experience it very much, huh?

But the query arises; who is he shading here?

Well, the photo carries Osman Khalid Butt, an outstanding actor certainly however should he and Mani have some pork we aren’t aware of? There’s the megastar of the film, Meera, however would Mani dare shade her? Mohsin Abbas Haider is also current in the photo and has been a part of many incredible dramas. Surely Mani isn’t shading him, or is he? Amna Ilyas is present, too. She’s additionally the megastar of the film. We also have Ali Kazmi, Nisho, Nayyar Ejaz and Saqib Malik.



See how the audience reacted!


Who do you think Mani is throwing color at? Is this k for him to do? Let me understand what you suppose in the feedback below.

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