Makeup Tips For Green Eyes

Have you ever tried the makeup on green eyes in the party happenings? Well if no then try it now. There are many noticeable things and features that have to be kept in mind before applying the makeup on green eyes. This form of the makeup has been always much complicated in application because it undertake the huge selection of the eye shadows and eye colors. For making the blend of the green color with the combination of diverse shades always make sure that two or three colors will make the green color. Try the brown colors shades with the gold or copper touch. Don’t ever make the mistake of selecting the light and soft colors as the eye shadows and also avoid the use of dark blue, purple and pink shades. All the shades must be spread with the help of the thumb or the fingertips and just overlook the use of the brush. Let us look over the application procedure of the makeup.


1. Firstly apply the crystalline colored eye shadow on the eye bows and the entire eye.

2. Now take the shades of the apricot color and mix it with the crystalline color shades.

3. Now take the eye shades of brown, blue or the gold color and blend it on the upper section of the eyes. Make sure that always make the use of the thumb or the finger tips for spreading the makeup on the eyes.

4. No finally comes the mascara. There are no rules for mascara application. Just apply it as you normally apply in daily routine.

Well this was the simple method of the makeup for green eyes. Just follow these steps and make your eyes look as attractive and eye catching for others. We are sure that you will love looking your eyes again and again.

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