Makeup In One Minute With Mineral Makeup

Life is so buzy and we ladies are very consious about their beauty of whole body especially their face.They used much more things that makes their face pretty and whenever they have to go out from home they must be use makeup on their face.Ladies also wants to do the makeup that they look with natural beauty and thats why they take a so much time to makeup their face.
As there are so many products,by which they look stunning and beautifull but in this buzy life we have to use the type of makeup that take no time longer and looks a natural beauty as well.The mineral makeup is the type of makeup that is also very difficult to apply and match with our skin tones,also messy and it is very time consuming.We use two to three compact and bases in makeup that is very harmfull for our skin and we always faced problems of acne or pimples and daily use of this heavy bases,our skin is looking dull and its life is gone day ab day.Thats why this mineral makeup by Chirstina is the makeup,which you do in one minute with one compact and one brush.Christina has presented the perfect pigment,that is a palette of four shades and has designed to give a natural pigments found in healthy skin tones for looking natural for your daily routine life as well as for any ocassion.

Mineral Makeup.















Compact #1.









































Lip Gloss.

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