Makeup Art

Art has no boundaries. Its fun and passion. Many people do makeup art as a professionalism and other take it as a passion. Creative things always attract other. Its the new era of makeup in which artist express its feelings in the form of makeup art. Its all about passion. This type of art is mostly used for the promotion of any makeup Brand but If you are a lover of fairytale than you can create your own fairytale story in the form of eye makeup. One of the makeup artist is “Tal Peleg“. Makeup is her passion and life. She love makeup Art, photography and illustration. Here are the collection of some master piece designs of Makeup Art for the makeup lovers.

Makeup Art

Use your eyes as a canvas and paint all the illustrations going in your mind or paste all your feelings in the form of your makeup art.
Make up Art- awsume

You can get it in the form of face tattos.

Make up Art- cat Make up Art- cats


This eye makeup is best for the nature lovers. It will make you think at the next level.

Make up Art- crazy

This is all about the fairy tale lovers. You can carry this art while performing on the stage or in your theme parties.

Make up Art- fairy tale 2

Make up Art- fairy tale Make up Art- long hairs

Makeup Art

Make up Art- new


Make up Art- pink

Make up Art- soft colors

This makeup art is enough to show the sadness inside you or the stage of life you are going through.

Make up Art- tears Make up Art

Make up Art-cool

Love the colors and art of this makeup.

Make up Art-inspired

Peacock eye makeup will take you in fairytale.

Makeup Art - peacock

If you want be a “princess Cinderella” then here is the eye makeup for you to express your inner thought without saying single word.

Makeup Art -snow


Make up Art - movie

Makeup Art

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