Main Side Effects Of Eating Bananas

We all love eating yellow skinned banana that is all known out to be the aphrodisiac. No doubt that banana is all enriched with the various nutrients. It can be taken as excellent fruits for treating up the ailments of diarrhea, upset tummy, osteoporosis and so many other types of health conditions. But you will shock to listen that this fruit has some side effects as well.

Main Side Effects Of Eating Bananas

Main Side Effects Of Eating Bananas

Below you will get to know some of the main and prominent disadvantages linked with eating bananas:

1. Disturbs The Intestinal System:

Banana is excellent source of fiber. If you will going to eat banana and that too without intake of water you will got to find your tummy getting disturbed on huge level. It can even lead to the problems of constipation and diarrhea! It can cause swelling in the abdomen accompanied by intense cramps.

2. Weight Gain:

Bananas are all enriched with the sugar and high amount of fructose as well that can lead the person to the stages of weight gain. You should just eat 2 bananas daily to keep the weight gain away from you.


3. Cause Migraines:

Bananas can even lead you to face the problems of stress and depression as well. This fruit is not at all best for the people who are currently suffering from the tyramine sensitivity.

4. Cause Of Hypertension:

Due to the presence of potassium inside the bananas you will be finding yourself getting effective to the anti-hypertensive natural remedy. In simple it will going to act as the drugs in support of high blood pressure.

5. Cause Insomnia:

Bananas can be one of the main reasons for causing insomnia as well because of the high amount of tryptophan and magnesium. If you want to make it as the bedtime snack then take just one.

6. Not Good For Kidneys:

Bananas are not good choice if you are suffering from the ailment of kidneys. It can lead you to face the condition of hyperkalemia that will going to slow down your pulse and even slow down the heart beats as well.

7. Lead To Tooth Decay:

As bananas are packed with the sugar therefore it can lead you to face tooth decay as well.

8. Free From Fat:

If you are planning for the weight loss then this fruit is the best alternative because it is all free from the fats.

9. Lacks Sufficient Protein:

Proteins is taken as best choice for the sake of burning the fate but bananas are all free from the protein amount. They are not helpful in repairing the damaged tissues.

So these were some of the main side effects that you can face while eating bananas! Be careful!

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