Mahnoor Baloch at the age of 54

Everyone is well familiar with the name of this senior actress and model Mahnoor Baoch who has marked her name not only in Pakistan but also in Hollywood.She has maintained her beauty throughout her career and she still looks as young as she was 20 years back. Now, the beautiful actress is 54 years old but she till has glowing skin that enhances her beauty. Here we have recent click of Mahnoor Baloch at the age of 54. See how young she still looks.

Mahnoor Baloch is an accomplished and very popular actress of Pakistan showbiz industry. She is a well-known Pakistani actress and model due to her beautiful looking. Mahnoor Baloch young personality attracts its fans.

Mahnoor is a Pakistani TV serial actress, model and director and she joined showbiz industry in 1993 with drama serial ‘Marvi’, which aired on PTV. Before appearing in the drama serial, she did modelling and she also made her directorial debut in 2000, with the stunning drama serial ‘Lamhay.’

Age of Mahnoor Baloch is 50+ yet and looks young, beautiful, and charming. Fan’s frequently asked different questions regarding Mahnoor Baloch Age and beauty.

More Facts You Needs to Know:

Mahnoor Baloch young and charming face makes her more popular, and she didn’t shy away from sharing the secret behind her gorgeous look. Once a TV anchor asked about the age of Mahnoor Baloch, she answered ‘age is just a number.’

She posted dazzling pictures that started doing the rounds on social media, and by seeing them, fan’s become more conscious about Mahnoor Baloch Age, beauty, charming face, and much more that attracts people.

Well, the gorgeous and charming Mahnoor shares how exactly she managed to make time stop.

What Does She Recommend for Healthy Skin?

Mahnoor said, “if you want a fresh look and wrinkle-free skin, then it is imperatively important always to cleanse and moisturize before going to bed.” Additionally, she highly recommended the use of sunblock.

What is next? Keep calm and read on!

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle:

According to Mahnoor, “there is a need, to begin with drinking tons of water, consuming health supplements, and should have to adopt workout maximum for 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week.”

Mahnoor consumes ster-C, alpha-lipoic acid, ashwagandha, magnesium and salmon oil to stay healthy.


Mahnoor is the grandmother of one, and she said: “meditation to de-stress and swears by yoga, weight-training, and cardio is essential for a healthy lifestyle.”

Eat Healthy Food:

Mahnoor reveals “when it comes to eating, then there is a need to cut out sugar, wheat, and processed or junk foods from the diet plan,”

She is consuming a vegetable omelette, coupled with yogurt and a brown rice roti in breakfast. And in lunch, she eats chicken, veggies with brown rice roti or brown rice. Mahnoor highly recommended using coconut oil in food and quinoa to stay healthy and young!

Well, stay with us to know more about Mahnoor Baloch Young and stunning personality!

Mahnoor Baloch at the age of 54

See Mahnoor Baloch at the age of 54

Mahnoor Baloch at the age of 54

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