Mahira Khan Speaks Up About Education of Abuse for Children

Superstars, for example, Mahira Khan, Shehzad Roy, Zeba Bakhtiar and cricketer Younis Khan joined individuals from common society at a press meet on Thursday. The instructions at the Karachi Press Club occurred to reveal insight upon the deplorable instance of Farishta, a ten-year-old young lady who was hijacked, assaulted and killed.

Addressing the media, the celebs got out experts for not having a framework set up to keep away from such sad occurrences later on.  “This is an appalling occasion, yet such horrendous episodes are going on all over our nation. Kids are enduring such occurrences and we have to do what we can to anticipate this,” said Mahira, proceeding to feature the significance of instructing youngsters against unseemly touch.

“We aren’t instructed as kids what is a wrong touch. Guardians and instructors should show their youngsters these things. Familiarity with great touch and terrible touch should start at home and attention to avoid misuse ought to be instructed at home and school.”

Mahira likewise shared how unfortunate casualties who have experienced such trials ought to be given treatment sessions.  “Emotional wellness of such minors ought to be a need,” included the entertainer. “Training starts at home. We expectation such occurrences aren’t rehashed.”


“This is the objection we had a year prior when Zainab’s homicide occurred and now this occurrence has shaken us once more,” said Shehzad Roy.

“For what reason are youngsters not being appropriately instructed how to ensure themselves subsequent to everything that has occurred? For what reason isn’t our kid assurance unit taking a shot at getting this going?”  He included, “We have to comprehend that when such occurrences occur, they begin gradually. It begins with an unseemly touch that a youngster doesn’t comprehend and is close-lipped regarding and it develops to the point that a life is lost. We don’t need it to get to that point, it very well may be ceased in the first go if a tyke comprehends what terrible touch is.”

Zeba Bakhtiar talked about how dangerous the way of life of saving honor can be, “We as a whole need to cooperate to roll out this improvement in our general public occur. Training for kids with respect to this is significant. Web based life has a significant influence in this.”

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