Mahira Khan Opens Up In Support Of Hania Aamir After She Was Trolled For Sharing Her Skin Troubles

As of late Hania Amir valiantly opened up about her battle with skin inflammation. Hania took to Instagram with an unabashed post uncovering her defects and skin break out, in endeavors of breaking the doubtful societal magnificence measures that we face in the present network.

Where she got a great deal of applause for being powerless against people in general everywhere about her skin condition, her ‘dost’ Yasir Hussain made a joke that did not sit well with Hania. Out of the considerable number of words he could have used to depict her, he picked ‘danedaar’, speaking to a wiped out need to decrease individuals to their weaknesses even in the wake of being very much aware of the toll they can take on us. After an open trade of comments where Hania got down on him about making hazardous jokes, he appeared to give no s**ts and kept on being unpleasant.


Luckily, a large portion of Hania’s companions and partners approached applauding her dauntlessness for offering her own battle to skin inflammation

It is renowned individuals like Hania who fill in as good examples to us customary people, particularly susceptible youngsters. Somebody of Hania’s bore owning her skin inflammation will be such a certainty supporter for a naive youthful personality who may have been tormented for theirs.


But since she was trolled for her skin break out by certain individuals Hania issued an announcement. Obviously, our ruler Mahira Khan was not having none of it with the trolling. As to Hania’s post getting out individuals’ tricky conduct, this is what Mahira needed to state:

This is so kind of Mahira Khan!

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