Mahira Khan Made a Cancer Patient’s Dream Come True! She is real Superstar

Mahira khan enjoyable this cancer patient fan’s dream is the maximum lovely element you’ll see these days. mahira khan is a call widely recognized in no longer simply Pakistan, but everywhere in the world. With her wonderful and impeccable expertise, she has sparkled her magic on masses of lots of people, via dramas, films and even really simply her charming persona.

One in every of mahira’s fans, nida, a cancer affected person, currently got her want fulfilled while the actress visited by way of her. Mahira has constantly had a touchy spot for youngsters, and the health center tweeted approximately their marvel interaction:

Mahira appears to be quite crushed herself, as she states how highly satisfied she is to be on the clinic. She has usually been very fond of children, and there are many who talk to mahira’s first rate empathy and sort heartedness. Being the angel she is, mahira too turned into surprised about the interplay and tweeted approximately it.

The humsafar megastar has usually been engaged in community work inclusive of her humanitarian journey with them as she is acknowledged for dropping mild on pertinent issues that are regularly left unnoticed, and especially for her ardour in the direction of the welfare of children.

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