Look Cheeky This Eid And Winter

Want to look sassy this Eid and winter? Try the following these makeup tips,

Evenly blend a light color foundation on your face according to your skin tone

-Apply a neutral pink blush onto your cheeks, with the help of brush; blend the blush-on by forming a “C shape” from your cheekbones up to your lower part of eye. If you want to have a darker affect, use a dark colored blush-on

Perfectly blended blush-on – tips for women

Different shades of pink powder for women

-Set your eyebrows in shape by using a eyebrow brush and use an eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrow look thick

-Use eye shade of your choice or according to the dress color and apply it neatly over your entire upper eyelid.

-Use mascara to make your eye lashes look thick and bold



Beautiful eye makeup for women

-Use a light colored (most preferably light pink) lipstick and apply to your lips evenly

Light colored lipstick for women

-Style your hair according to its length and your choice, teasing or backcombing will look awesome with this kind of makeup. Also keep in mind the latest hairstyle trends

Back combing for girls

The above steps will provide you a very natural and elegant look making you look fresh and cheeky. Try the above steps to look your best this Eid and Winter. 🙂

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