Location to check exact foundation colour

To check foundation colour and to match exactly with your skin tone is a very important thing for getting best make-up look. People don’t know that where to check exactly the colour of foundation on their skin.Usually we all check foundation colour on our face jaw line, wrist and on our front neck. These all not give us right idea to get matching foundation with our skin tone. Some people have prominent jaw line and some have not, so checking on it is not suitable for all people. As wrist is protected from sun rays whereas our face directly faces sun rays, so both will give opposite results for foundation. Similarly neck is hide by someway from face and shadow of face will be on our neck so it is also not directly infront of sun rays resulting in different results of foundation matching. Area below your neck is the best place to check your foundation because it faces sun rays directly like face and you may also check it on the outer side of your hand or arm. Natural shades of foundation are in fashion.

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