List Of Pakistani Celebrities Who Have Battled Depression

Depression exist in celebrity lifestyle as well. There have been so many celebrities who battle with depression and they shared their experience openly with the audience. Right here we will be highlighting the names of some of the top known Pakistani celebrities who battle depression worst!

List Of Pakistani Celebrities Who Have Battled Depression

Momina Mustehsan:

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On the top of the list we have Afreen Afreen famed singer, Momina Mustehsan. In the start of the career she was named out to be the crush of all the boys out there and people just loved her voice. But this fame put her into the depression at worst. She moved into depression even more when she started getting hatred and dislike zone from the fans. But she treated herself in calm mode. She talked about her depression many times in interviews.

Imran Abbas:

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On the next we have the male actor Imran Abbas! Despite being having huge fame and fan following, Imran Abbas shared that there was a time in his career where he was so much famous but at the same time he was in severe depression as well. He disconnected himself and stop meeting people. He could not find happiness in any thing.


Hina Altaf:

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Next we have the name of well known actress and VJ Hina Altaf! In one of the interviews, he unveiled that he moved into depression only because of her family environment. She left her house and started living alone that help her to cope with depression much.

Misha Shafi:

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Last comes with the name of Misha Shafi who was one of the patients of depression and cope with the strong strength. She did mention in her interviews that she was in depression at the time of peak success of her career but still she was not happy with her career success.

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