List Of Female Celebrities With Worst Cosmetic Surgeries

It would not be wrong to say that with the passage of time the demand and popularity of the cosmetic surgeries is getting high. But sometimes these surgeries can come up with successful results, but many times it can add with some worst results too. So here we have the list of top known female celebrities with the worst cosmetic surgeries ever. Let’s have a look!

List Of Female Celebrities With Worst Cosmetic Surgeries

Mishi Khan

mishi khan surgery

Mishi Khan went for cosmetic surgery as when she thought she had started looking old. She looks older in the picture before the plastic surgery but she also looks like she is naturally aging.

Sidra Batool


Like all the other females on this list Sidra Batool lost her cute looks after the cosmetic touches. Sidra Batool got all these changes done to her face in the hope that she will get a chance to work in films. But she failed!

Sadia Imam



Sadia Imam’s before and after picture shows what a devastating decision it was to alter her facial features. As is evident from these pictures Sadia Imam started with making small changes to her face but after that she got implants in her cheeks and even fuller lips which give her a very unnatural look.


Amna Haq

amna haq surgery

Amna Haq was a natural beauty until she also decided that her cheek bones can get higher and her lips can look fuller with cosmetic surgery. She also got on with her eye brows raised to give her the alert yet unnatural look.

Sara Loren

sara loren surgery

Sara Loren who was better known as Mona Lisa when she was working in Pakistan got all her surgeries done after she left Pakistan for her Bollywood debut. She has changed herself completely.

Mehwish Hayat


Mehwish Hayat also got cosmetic surgeries done in steps.  She has lost her natural look and expressions because of excessive surgeries.

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