List Of Expensive Gifts By Our Celebrities To Their Loved Ones

Do you want to know what famous Pakistani celebrities got the expensive gifts from their loved ones? Check out the list we shared!

List Of Expensive Gifts By Our Celebrities To Their Loved Ones

Reema Khan

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A house was gifted to the wife Reema Khan by her mother-in-law at time of her wedding. Reema also received an amazing BMW 7-Series car from her husband as a wedding gift. It would not be wrong to say that Reema is one of the luckiest actress of history as who get love of in every field. She live a dream life as she is mother of a son and she is living in America along with her in laws.

 Atif Aslam And Sarah

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Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana ‘s marriage was love marriage. According to sources Atif has gifted expensive sports car to the wife Sara Bharwana bjust as efore their marriage.  Sara ‘s was much talented and was a complete sports girl in the educational time.

Rambo  And Sahiba

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Rambo gifted a house to wife Sahiba just as before they got married. Rambo said in his interview that he lack money just as to build house for Sahiba so he requested Reema Khan to help him and Reema give her 2 lack pkr to build house.

Sheen Javed

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Sheen Javed was married to civil engineer in Lahore last year.  Just as according to news her husband’s father is close friend of former prime minister. Over as before marriage her in laws gift her a  big house in Garden Town Lahore.

Aisha Khan and Major Uqbah

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Aisha Khan wears necklace worth 30 lac on her wedding as it was a gift to her from her in laws. According to news Aisha khan got this present from her in laws. It was the most expensive wedding of this year.

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