List Of Bollywood Stars Who Adopted Child

Within the Bollywood world of entertainment you will view so many of the celebrities who had adopted the kids. Well it’s quite a strange fact to talk about because adopting a kid and bringing it up is not an easy task. But it seems like some of the Bollywood celebrities have fully performed this task at the best. Let’s check out with some of the prominent names!

List Of Bollywood Stars Who Adopted Child

1. Raveena Tandon:

This Bollywood actress has adopted with almost two kids when she was just 21 years old named as Chhaya and Pooja. Both of them have become so much mature now!

2. Mithun Chakroborty:


Mithun Da as known out to be one of the most legendary Bollywood actors has also adopted kids. Has has adopted a baby girl as she found her in the street garbage bin. Mithun already had three sons named as Namashi, Rimoh and Mimoh.


3. Sushmita Sen:

On the next we would mention you with the name of Sushmita Sen! She adopted a girl named as Renee. She had to face so much of the issues at the time of the adoption of the baby. Later on she adopted another baby named as Alisah.

4. Preity Zinta:

In the year 2009, this Bollywood actress adopted with almost 34 orphans kids. They are all residing in the Mother Miracle School in Rishikesh.

5. Salim Khan:

On the last we have the name of famous Salim Khan who adopted a girl named as Arpita. She has been brought up in Khan family like a princess and Salman Khan arranged her wedding in a grand way. She is now the daughter of the baby girl.

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