List Of Best And Impressive Performances In 2017

Most of the times it do happen that you do get greatly impressed by the performance of some of the actors and actresses in a way that you start figuring them out as part of your life. Similar did happened in 2017 drama serials as well. So many of the impressive performances did become the part of TV in 2017 in which some of the top prominent are as mentioned below:

List Of Best And Impressive Performances In 2017

1. Nauman Ejaz (Sang-e-Marmar):

On the top we have the name of Nauman Ejaz who rule over the hearts with his amazing performance in the serial, Sang-e-Marmar. His arrogant performance in the serial make the whole character so much spell-bounding.

2. Sania Saeed (Sang-e-Marmar):

On the second we have the name of Sania Saeed who did grab the attention of the viewers in the serial, Sang-e-Marmar. She simply made us fall in love with the whole character and that phenomenal acting.

3.Ushna Shah (Alif Allah Aur Insaan):



Ushna Shah has proved that she is one such actress with best acting potential. Her character of Rani in the serial was worth-mentioning to talk about. She was a messy beggar once in the character and suddenly she was transformed into the glamorous role appearance with a new character.

4. Imran Ashraf (Alif Allah Aur Insaan):

When it comes to the role of Shammo in Alif Allah Aur Insaan, then nothing can beat the Imran Ashraf better. he did put all his efforts in the character that could not stop the viewers to praise him more and more.

5. Sajal Ali(O Rangreza and Yaqeen ka Safar):

On the last we have the name of Sajal Ali who made everyone to fall in love with her character of Dr Zubiya from Yaqeen Ka Zafar. The viewers even love to watch her performance in the serial, O Rangreza.
Whom do you think showcase out the best acting performances in 2017? Who is your favorite one?

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