Lets Welcome the new Vloggers on YouTube! Hania Aamir and Ayesha Omar!

Hania aamir and ayesha omar have made a large name on the entertainment ground with the aid of appearing in flexible roles and receiving big applauds from the fanatics.

However now these two celebrities are heading their manner to grab massive fulfillment on youtube with the aid of becoming a vloggers! Sure you heard it proper!

Hania aamir has already said her vlogging and lately she uploaded her introductory vlog on the youtube channel for the target market. Take a look at this out:

You could severely catch her struggling with content introduction strain and the way she introduced asim azhar in her first vlog become first-rate lovely:

Ipposite to this, ayesha omer has started her youtube channel vlogging wherein we can see her accompanying nusrat hidayat ullah. In four minuts vlog, the actress has allowed the audience recognizes approximately her healthy eating plan and life-style.


Till date now both of them have not yet uploaded another vlog but we are sure that this would be a kind of tough competition to view that whose content will comes across to be much more interesting and thrilling for audience.

We desire them the best of success for their youtube channels.

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