Latest wedding sets by Heritage 2011

Heritage is a silver jewelry company, which gives gold designs excellence in silver. All the jewellery is extremely affordable and will give you the satisfaction of wearing gold.

The entire jewellery  is worked with gemstones and pearls, all the designs  of the heritage jewellers are exotic and a must have.Why waste a lot of money on gold, why not buy something equally good. Heritage jewellers are one of the best silvers jewellers in Pakistan.

silver jewellery for girls123

silver gold plated jewellery for women 678



ladies silver jewellery 123

silver set for wedding by heritage 567

wedding set for women 345


silver set with orange zarkon by heritage

sLong silver earings and necklace 234

silver jewellery with green stone 678

wedding jewellery with orange stone67

colourful wedding jewellery for girls

beautiful silver earings for girls 678


silver jhumkas with purple zarkon by heritage

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