Latest techniques to prevent hair damage

Women’s most beautiful thing is her hair, However with the passage of time hair fall arise or damage. It is said that a women’s half beauty is hidden in her hair and is the most attractive part.

However hair care or hair damage prevention is not just a women’s problem it is now seen that men are suffering through same problems as hair loss. Hair nutrition is important for both the genders. Here are some ways to prevent hair damage:

FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN: Be sure that you oil your hair atleast twice a week as it gives nutrition to your hair especially your scalp, A FACT: half the food you eat is consumed by your hair. Hence hair needs food as well like the rest of your body.

For men: Avoid alot of hair gel or hair spray, it damages your scalp and roots further it prevents new hair coming out. Don’t cover your head all the time, as like all Human Beings hair need air as well.


For women: Donot open your hair all the time, dont straighten your hair alot as it burn your hair and leaves them dead. for that purpose make sure that when you are oiling your hair put egg and yogurt in the mixture, apply it to your hair and leave it for an hour.

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