Latest techniques to Alter your Lips

Women’s most attractive part of the face is her lips. but making your lips look perfect is a technique that not every one knows. make sure you do it right. Your one mistake can either ruin your entire make up or make it up, it is very essential to do your entire face right or you can turn up looking extremely bad.

LIPS FOR A DAY LOOK: In the day it is usually very hot and you would n’t want to look too loud at the day time, try using softer colours for the day, light pink lipstick, beige or all the pastel shades. Make sure that you do not apply to much of gloss because that would make you sweat and ruin you face, giving it a greasy look.

LIPS FOR THE NIGHT: the night is where the weather is extremely pleasant and you can take the danger of applying darker shades on your lips, if you have a light eye make up go for a dark lipstick may be red 🙂 it would make your lips look posh. You can also go for a darker pink colour. However if you have a loud make up on your eyes make sure that you have used light shade of lipstick.


techniques to alter your lips

Note: If you have big lips make sure that you apply lip liner below the lips and if you have small lips try to apply the lip liner above the lip giving them a bigger effect. DO NOT use different or darker shade of lip liner then the lipstick.

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