Latest shimmery pink eye make up with smokey ends

Make up and women are not said to be a separate thing. Where there is a women there is make up. There are many techniques to do pink eyes but how to do them with perfection is an art. Here is what you will have to do for the make up to be subtle giving you a new look with in 15 min.

FOR FACE:Always remember to cleanse your face, before applying any kind of make up it is essential for your skin, apply moisturizer on your face. Apply base or equalizer on your skin, dont go for a white base it would give you a loud look which is totally out. Be natural. Apply light pink blush on on your cheeks to give them a glowy look and enhance the lower eye part.

For Face: Apply the desired pink shade on your eyes, smudge it well all over he socket make sue that it does not fall on your cheeks, take a black shade and apply it on the corners carefully stroking the brush till eyes socket middle part.Do not darken your eyes a lot doing that will totally kill your eyes and make them look dead. Furthermore apply white eye-shade on the eye bone enhancing them further . Be sure that you smudge all the colours in to each other so that they don’t look different from each other. Last5 but not the least for the finishing look apply eye liner.

For lips: Apply pink lipstick do give your lips a rosy look 🙂


Pink eye make up for girls

shimmery pink eye make up with smokey ends -


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