Latest Maang Tikka Fashion for Girls in Pakistan


Its time to spot light Tikka fashion trend in Pakistan. Tikka is a forehead jewellery piece made with gold or metal and decorated by beads and crystals. Few years back concept of wearing a tikka was attached with only brides at their wedding functions. Today not only brides but girls who attend wedding functions or parties loves to wear Tikka as well, which no doubt gives them a perfect traditional touch and makes them even more beautiful. This little beautiful jewellery piece should be handle with care and after use it must be carefully warped in cloth, by following this simple direction you can increase usage of your precious jewel. Lets check out latest maang tikka trend in Pakistan….

Latest tikka fashion for girls


kundan maang tikka design               maang tikka                     Green Tikka



maang tikka for girls


bridal jewellery                                                              beautiful jewellery tikka


silver tikka jewellery


tikka fashion 2011                                                                            tikka jewellery 2011



silver tikka bridal


latest fashion of tikka in Pakistan                                           Tikka jewellery


traditional tikka jewellery


bridal jewellery 2011                                                                                 jhoomer


latest tikka trend


kundan tikka design                                                                                    designer tikka


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