Latest Fruit Nail Art Designs 2014 For Summer Season

Do you know that even in summer season the craze of nail art designs is found to be high in women? Well there is no such season in which the women don’t get crazy about the application of nail art designs. In all the weddings and occasional functions women are seen out flaunting their nail art designs. Have you listen about fruit nail art designs? Well if now then you have surely missed out interesting category of nail art. There are varieties of nail art designs for summer season but fruit nail art designs are one of the demanding ones.

Latest Trends of Fruit Nail Art Designs 2014 for Summer Season:

Latest Fruit Nail Art Designs 2014 for Summer Season 001
1. If we talk about the fruit nail designs then it is all about the creation of summer fruits on top of the nails. It simply makes the nails attractive looking and amazing looking for the eyes.
2. You can make the choice of creating the strawberry on the nail tips. This can be easily done by applying the whole nail color with the red color shade. Add the green color shade as well so that it can show out the feel of strawberry fruit.
3. Apart from it another amazing fruit nail art designs is the watermelon. In this design you have to fill up the whole nail color with green shade and add up small red color dots that will show the image of seeds of the watermelon. Isn’t it amazing?
4. Above all you can even grab up the fruit of banana as well in which you can take hold over the yellow color nail paint.
If you want to make your this summer special and fun loving for hands then choose up the above mentioned summer fruit nail art designs right now!


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