latest dress designs and replicas by themes couture

Themes is a karachi based brand, which make clothes exclusively as to the requirements of all the clients. The designs are not just innovative but replicas of famous designers are also made available. The colour scheming used is extremely vibrant and all the stylish dresses which are made are true fully trendy and up to the fashion requirements of the age. So all you have to do is gear up go to the shop and get what you want. You just need to give your own personal touch to make the replicas your very own designs all this can be done at nominal price range that is affordable by every one so why go through the hastle of getting your own clothes stitched while some one is there for you to get your work done in no time, with out any stress.

Make sure you tell the designer what you want, you never want to do de tours.Choosing the right clothes as to your personality is extremely important it would not only enhance your self but also make you presentable and center of attraction. CHECK some of the clothes out

beautiful black and silver clothes for girls

beautiful dark and light blue dress for girls78


orange formal wear for girls 678

black and shocking pink shirt for girls 678


black and white frock with pink borders 678

grey and pink party wear for girls 678

light pink party wear for girls 679

mustard and black shirt for girls 89

white embroided frock for women

white shirt with multi coloured thread work for women 76


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