Latest designs of j’dore replica clutches for girls 2011

j’dore is one of the most prestigious international brands over the world, however with branding one think comes in to mind EXPENSIVE not every one can afford a j’dore hand made bag for girls to go with their clothes. what we can do is get their replicas.

but when some one thinks of replicas the idea doesnt give us that much satisfaction that they would never be the same thing, but fear not ladies we bring you some of the latest designs of the clutch collection 2011 made in pakistan, you can also get them made by your tailors if you had like. The clutches consist of beautiful thread work, stone work and different shaded schemes,especially red colour.

shocking pink thread work on black clutches75

black and white clutch for girls 536


blood red coloured clutch for girls 35

blue and brown clutch for girls34

red flowered clutch for girls 345


grey clutch for girls12

dark grey clutch for girls 45

imli clutch for girls 16

multi coloured clutch for girls 16

red clutch 45

red multi coloured clutch 46

shocking pink clutch for girls 76


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